Happy Halloween! What’s for dinner?

If you’ve read my short story, “Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself (and Spiders),” you might be curious about the meal that Macy prepares for Stan: “carrot bisque with sour cream drizzled into a spider web pattern on the top – More spiders! Who wants to think about spiders when they’re eating?

It’s based on an actual recipe for Curried Carrot Soupfrom Rachael Ray that my husband first made for me two years ago, and it has since become a Halloween tradition in our home. (Unlike Macy, I don’t decorate the house with giant spiders, but I do like to celebrate the holiday with whimsical touches here and there!) It’s a delicious and surprisingly healthy soup – its creamy texture comes from the pureed carrots rather than actual cream – that would be great to serve kids before taking them out for a night of binging on free candy. Just watch out for how much spice you add – we like it hot, but that extra kick of cayenne might not be for everyone! And I do in fact serve it witha green salad, blessedly free of any cutesy Halloween touches,” but the homemade cookies, alas, are purely fictional, since I don’t bake.

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